Corporation Inc.: Cheats, Walkthrough and Game Review

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corporation inc cheats

Corporation Inc. sees you take on the task of establishing, maintaining and growing a corporation from scratch.


How It Works

Clear parallels with the SIMS franchise can be observed, as you essentially create a working environment for and then hire a virtual workforce to go about the important task of pushing buttons on keyboards and making money for you.

Each time one of your virtual employees attends his or her work terminal, they make you a small amount of cash, and provided you can encourage enough of this sort of behaviour, your profits will start to increase. With success you can expand, adding an extra floor / level to your business and taking on more employees, a process you can repeat and build on over and over until you reach the maximum 131 floors.

So how exactly do you go about creating such a herculean corporate enterprise?

Well, your workers won’t propel you to the status of Donald Trump on their own, they quite often leave their workspaces to do all the things real office workers have to do, and this decreases their efficiency.

It may be wise then as your corporation grows to invest in additional facilities, such a cafeteria, a gym or restrooms so that your employees spend as much time on the clock as possible. Much like in real life, happy workers are also productive workers, so it’s worth hiring H.R. staff to help them handle all their digital issues. That being said, you don’t want to encourage a lazy work ethic, so you should promote a couple of supervisors to make sure your team are as efficient as possible.

Other creature comforts include the likes of houseplants, water coolers and vending machines, though the latter are so expensive you might want to reserve that sort of thing for the company’s high rollers.

Pleasing your workers isn’t the only concern to keep in mind either, you also have to take good care of your corporate environment. Computers break down, and the office can get dirty, so you’ll have to fork out for I.T. support and a janitor or two to keep everything running smoothly.

As your corporation tower grows, you’ll also have to invest in elevators such that your employees can reach their work stations, and a good number of them as time wasted by workers waiting for them will reflect on your daily budget sheets. Finally, you’re going to want to recruit a research and development team to unlock the upgrades necessary to make big bucks, and accountants to maximise your corporation’s efficiency.


Corporation Inc. Game Review

Success in Corproration Inc. is all down to a very delicate balancing act, simply spending big and expanding fast isn’t going to do the trick.

There’s a multitude of factors to take into consideration in order to keep your workers happy (such as not placing their desks too close to noisy elevator shafts), yet if you allow yourself to get in lost in doing so you won’t progress at any appreciable rate. The game is a great source of entertainment, stripped to the basics of economics and office politics and not burdened by a pretentious or irrelevant storyline to keep track of.

Mechanically Corporation Inc. is sound if unspectacular as the controls and general practice are all fairly intuitive, and you can save / continue where you leave off after every session. The game has been known to suffer from the occasional bug, but generally speaking this doesn’t impact heavily on gameplay.

The inclusion of multiple unlockable cats seems somewhat strange / irrelevant, but who am I to argue with hundreds of thousands of internet based cat memes? It’s clearly what the people want. The attention to detail is also very impressive, as each individual worker will have his or her own name and appearance.

The only real problem relates to the manner in which the game can become difficult to keep track of in latter stages, as you cannot institute any sort of mass management program, and your screen can become excessively cluttered with notifications relating to the management process, burdening you with the responsibility of navigating through a series of often trivial and frustrating sub menus.


Corporation Inc. Cheats

Should you wish to circumvent the lengthy business management process and leap straight to being a global corporate tycoon, there are a number of cheat codes you can enter to boost your funds or simply play havoc with your staff. Understandably, implementing the truly beneficial ones will forfeit your ability to post a high score, but you can still get a great laugh out of playing dirty.

Corporation Inc. is eccentric, well designed and a great source of entertainment, definitely worth downloading!


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