8 Most Addicting Murder & Crime Scene Games You Can Play on Facebook

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Do you find Facebook hangout already boring and you need some energizer to stay interested? If that’s the case, you don’t need to worry as you can play interesting and mind blowing games within Facebook. Try out these murder and crime scene games that you will surely get hooked with.


1. Criminal Case

Criminal Case

Team up with the police authorities within Grimsborough to resolve a sequence of unmerciful assassinations within this mesmerizing, full of thrill and adventurous game. Examine every crime scenes for hints, interrogate present suspects and witnesses and thoroughly evaluate proofs to capture the reason behind the killings.

With your detective capabilities and an answer-seeker mind, surely you will catch the responsible person at the earliest possible time you can render.


2. Murder in Provence

Murder in Provence

Plunge right into the gorgeous place named Provence to resolve puzzles and secret object sceneries. During the game, you will be assisting Audrey to discover her vanished twin-sibling who is a development associate on a recording of an American Film which is taped in the place. A one of a kind cocktail of experience, puzzle and concealed object game, Murder in Provence will surely turn you into a well equipped detective.


3. Crime City

Crime City

Violating the guidelines is way much more enjoyable than playing by them. Through this fun filled game, you can attack the roads, bend some muscular tissue and climb your means to the greatest position of a Mafia.

The entire area is yours to manage so you need to be wise enough and eager to do what’s required to make the task done. Inspect your morals at the doorway and prepare for a journey that will bring you into the empire’s seedy underbelly.


4. Criminal Minds Game

Criminal Minds Game

Indulge with the BAU to address 2 delighting adventurous cases. Search for hints in 25 challenging and stunning unrevealed object scenes. Be closer to the reality as you deal with Hotch, Morgan, JJ, Reid, Prentiss, Rossi and Garcia as you question criminal suspects with unique criminal consciousness. Make use of the details you collect from over 40  codes and puzzles to discover the convicts as they attempt and lead you down the wrong path.


5. CSI: Crime City

CSI: Crime City

They claim that every single thing in Vegas is performed in excess, perhaps even the mysterious assassinations. Partner with your close friends and the cast of characters of CSI in resolving the city’s highly exhilarating criminal activities.

Be observant, be open-minded and discover the hidden secrets of the unresolved criminal issues within the place. Customized to the casual player, the game enables you to end up being an investigator, discover criminal activity scenarios, make visual currency and construct your personal CSI Laboratory. Indeed an exciting one!


6. The Scene of the Crime

The Scene of the Crime focuses on a motel room which is full of mystery. Something really bad happened there and you need to find out the real score on the unsolved case. Try to find out what underlies in the room and use your super powerful perception and detective aura to catch the real reason behind the criminal act.


7. Midsomer Murders Game

Midsomer Murders Game

There have been a number of crimes in Midsomer and they require your assistance to resolve each of the unsolved homicides in the area. Join the authorities to discover the real agenda of this puzzle inspired game set within the realm of the lovely surroundings of Midsomer County. Beware as you might get stunned with the view and you can’t score against your opponents.


8. Mafia Wars

Mafia Wars

Join your buddies and millions of gamers in Mafia Wars, one of the most popular crime games on Facebook. Develop partnerships, accumulate properties and win against mobs of opponents in order to gain power and deceptiveness. Come and play Mafia Wars free of charge.


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