Top 10 Bad Ass Games You Shouldn’t Miss because they’re Absolutely Cool

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Nowadays, more and more online games are being created with gamer’s needs in mind. Some games are intended specifically for boys while others are ideal for girls. Some games are action-filled while others are more focused on speed and accuracy. Fact is, whatever kind of game you wish to play online can be found if you just go in search for it. And when it comes to bad ass games, there’s probably around ten of these that you should try at least once in your life.

First and most importantly, what makes these types of games “bad ass”? The most important reason is because these games are able to incorporate everything that people love in their games. So by playing any one of these ten games, you can easily satisfy your desire to try something new, your search for enjoyment and something different is also met and so many other things.

10. 3dMaze


If you are the kind of person who is always looking for something different to play, then make sure to try this 3dMaze game. The objective is simple all you have to do is lead the blue dot to the red dot as quickly as possible. But even this sounds easy it actually isn’t because the maze even for beginners is quite tedious and requires full concentration and effective strategizing. But of course, it’s worth a try and it’s absolutely different.

9. 12 Many Counting the Stars Game

12 Many Counting the Stars GameAnother bad ass game you will definitely enjoy is this 12 Many game wherein all you have to do is answer the correct number of stars that you see in a picture. Make sure though that you look at the picture closely because there’s only about five seconds to key in your answer and sometimes the picture looks a little tricky too. But that’s what makes it bad ass, right?

8. Hospital Escape

Hospital EscapeHave you ever had that fantasy wherein you wanted to escape from a hospital not because you can’t pay the bill (thanks to your insurance) but just for the heck of trying something different and thrilling? Well, there’s no need for you to do that in reality because you just might end up in jail. With the Hospital Escape Game you can turn your fantasies into something more exciting so make sure to give it a try.

7. Waterfun


Have you always wanted to learn how to ski in the water? If yes, then this Waterfun bad ass game is perfect for you. All you need to do is get the highest score as you possibly can reach in order to be promoted to the next level. This game is quite tricky though because you need to master it in the first few seconds that it begins otherwise you will find a game over notice there in front of you.

6. Super Mario

Super MarioOf course, how can one not consider the infamous Super Mario games to be totally bad ass? This game is characterized as an arcade game wherein your goal is to get past several challenges in every level. As you progress towards more advanced level, the challenges become more difficult but through persistence and if you are a huge Super Mario fan, there’s no need to worry because you can absolutely get past these hurdles.

5. Frisbee Dog

Frisbee DogFrisbee Dog is just too cute a game you shouldn’t really miss out trying. Not to mention the objective of the game is also very simple. All you have to do is adjust your height and make sure to accurately throw the Frisbee for your dog to catch. If your dog is able to catch it then you get a high score. Your speed is also considered here so take note of it.

4. Whack Your Boss

Whack Your BossAnother cool and bad ass game you should try is the Whack Your Boss online game wherein all you have to do is whack your boss on screen and get rid of him just like that. This is a funny game that allows you to exhaust all your negative vibes at the work place and simply come to work happier and more fulfilled knowing that you have whacked your boss several times the previous night.

3. Pick Up Strings

Pick Up StringsThis Pick Up Strings game is not simply focused on picking up actual strings. Rather, it requires you to create a word out of the letters you find on the string in order for it to be removed from your board. The faster you’re able to spell the words, the better because then you will finish the entire game quickly too.

2. Toy Room Dressup

Toy Room DressupIf you are still a kid at heart and would like to relive those days when you still have so many toys in your bedroom, then make it possible through this Toy Room Dressup online game. Once you’ve selected the toys that you want to own, play with them by dressing them up and customizing them. This way, you will always be entertained and even if you are only child, there’s absolutely no reason to worry about not having a playmate ever.

1. Freeway Cruising

Freeway CruisingThis Freeway Cruising game allows you to get back at all those trucks and caravans that cut you while you were in a hurry to go to work. This game is actually very fun to play because it helps you to let go of all the negativities you have within you. Of course, people who do not wish to get back at anybody can also play this because it’s still absolutely cool to try.

Now that you have an idea as to what these bad ass games are, make sure to try them out at least once. Coincidentally, all these games are also top-rated games online so there’s no reason for you to not spend your time on each and every one of them.


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