Top 10 Reasons How Traffic Light Games Can Teach You How to Be Responsible

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Traffic light games are truly popular online because of a number of things. First of all, these games teach you how to value the right driving practices and also teach you how to become responsible while on the road. While playing this game, it is always important to maintain your focus if you want to not only reach your goals at the shortest time possible but also win in every round.

Let’s take a look at some of the ways this type of game can teach you how to be responsible. Here are 10 games that will make you understand the main idea that they promote and that is a sense of responsibility while on the road. Even though the games have certain spoofs, their goal is to make you realize that in avoiding accidents, more important is avoiding being the cause of accidents at all times.

10. I Love Traffic10I Love Traffic

The I Love Traffic game is perfect especially if you are looking for a game where you can act as the controller and command the traffic situation in your area. However, as in any type of game, this one has a catch and so you are required to direct and control the traffic in several busy roads. The idea is to make sure that traffic will be minimized and that no problem will occur while you’re the one in charge.

9. Sim Air Traffic Light Controller9 Sim Air Traffic Light Controller

The Sim Air Traffic Light Controller is another wonderful game that will make you feel adventurous because instead of controlling the flow of traffic while on the road, this time around you will be controlling the flow of traffic while you’re on the air. Realistically speaking though, traffic should not exist in this kind of avenue but without much needed focus, it just might exist in this game.

8. Train Traffic Control8 Train Traffic Control

If you have always been curious as to how trains move and how they are driven by drivers, then this time around you can finally put an end to your curiosity and actually try playing the Train Traffic Control game. The idea behind this game is to get rid of traffic and to make sure that your trip will run as smoothly as possible. If traffic occurs, you need to find a way to get past it, otherwise this will automatically mean that you will lose.

7. I Hate Traffic7 I Hate Traffic

True enough nobody wants to ever get stuck on traffic. With the use of a powerful sports car, you can act as the God on the road by getting rid of all the other smaller cars that pass your way and cause traffic. You can crush and give problems to car insurance companies for all you care as long as you’re free off traffic and can reach your desired destination in no time.

6. Towards the Light6 Towards the Light

Act like a ghost and start getting rid of lives and souls of people who do not follow the traffic rules. The catch though is that you need to find people who are going towards the direction of the traffic light and there are also certain qualifications for the type of person you can possibly get rid of so you also need to be extra conscious of it.

5. Traffic Control5 Traffic Control

Just like the first game, the Traffic Control game allows you to control traffic. This is good in teaching yourself how to navigate through roads because this game serves as an actual simulation of certain roads in select countries. You have to watch out not only for traffic lights but also for intersections and blind spots that might cause traffic and other vehicular problems as well.

4. Action Driving4 Action Driving

There’s no need to be too sad of the fact that you do not have an actual car to drive just yet. With the Action Driving game online you can act as if you’re driving an actual vehicle that is designed with all the power and features actual vehicles have. What’s also great about this game is that it teaches you how to be responsible especially when faced with traffic situations and more.

3. Tetrollapse Light3 Tetrollapse Light

Tetrollapse Light is one of the many other traffic games you shouldn’t miss out playing. This game is great because if you’re familiar with the game called Pacman you will be enticed to try this out with its similar concept. First of all, you will be required to navigate in small areas and along the way you will also be faced with enemies and detractors that makes it impossible for you to reach your goal. Don’t worry though because this game only needs practice and you should be good at it too.

2. Color Traffic 22 Color Traffic 2

The Color Traffic 2 is a game that is focused on making sure that you work your way around intersection traffic signals and more. This game is absolutely perfect especially if you want to get your way in the busy road. All you have to do is strategize a way to make sure that the intersection is all yours without meeting traffic or any other disturbances along the way too.

1. Big Truck Adventures 21 Big Truck Adventures 2

If you have always been curious as to how to drive big trucks, then try this game out online. The Big Truck Adventure 2 is a game that truly lives up to its name and is perfect in making sure that you not only know how to navigate a big truck but to also make sure that your truck is free from humps, bumps and other road block problems along the way.


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