Top 10 Reasons Why Skater Boy Game is The Most Exciting Game of All Time

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By now, you have probably heard about the skater boy game and how great and unique it really is. A lot of gamers have found it pretty interesting especially those who are into skating in real life because it really gives life to the actual techniques and routines these people engage in. Of course, if you don’t necessarily have any background when it comes to skateboarding, this does not mean that you can no longer feel its thrill. Here are some of the reasons why this game is a standout choice among gamers and why it may indeed be considered as one of the most exciting games of all time.

10. Wisely Crafted10 Wisely Crafted

First and most importantly, even at first download, it is already very easy to figure out that the skater boy game is wisely crafted. This means that the people behind creating it obviously spent a lot of time conceptualizing and putting their idea into an actual game. There are no glitches with the game and it is seems also that it is evolving because every now and then gamers can get updates of newer versions and more.

9. True to Life9 True to Life

Since the idea behind the game is to manipulate or control a skater boy when doing all types of routines, it becomes important then to make sure that everything appears to be true to life. Of course, the actions may not necessarily feel like the real thing but there’s something about this game that makes it really believable. With this in mind, even those who don’t really know how to skate in real life kind of get an idea how it is done when they start playing this game.

8. Offers Great Techniques8 Offers Great Techniques

Another reason why this game is definitely a standout choice is the fact that it comes with a number of great and exciting techniques. For instance, if you need to make the character jump and glide, that is of course possible. If on the other hand you need the skater boy to speed up, all you have to do is control it in such a way that it will most really fast and you’re all set. Just like that you are able to experience true to life techniques when it comes to this kind of sport.

7. Requires a Certain Level of Mastery7 Requires a Certain Level of Mastery

Of course, as with all other types of games, this game also requires you to master the techniqes and skills at one point or another. Since the objective of the game is to reach the highest level, you need to fully equip yourself with the necessary skills to make this happen. One great way is through playing the game again and again because this will definitely develop your skills in no time.

6. Thrilling to the Core6 Thrilling to the Core

It cannot also be denied that playing this game is not only exciting but is also very thrilling. What happens now is that whenever you speed up, reach higher levels, get through some obstacles and more, it becomes rather automatic for you to feel as if you are actually doing all these things in real life. So as a result, you will most likely feel thrilled to your senses especially if your goal now becomes to not only be great at the game but to also complete it with flying colors.

5. Available for Free5 Available for Free

Another great reason why this game is truly exciting is the fact that you can enjoy it for free. You can either play the game online or you can also download it to your cellphone or tablet via Android. If you go for the latter option, it becomes much easier for you then to not only play the game anywhere you are and anytime you wish to enjoy it, it also become easier for you to master the necessary techniques because it is now highly accessible for you to enjoy.

4. Wonderful Game Interface4 Wonderful Game Interface

Of course, a lot of gamers would agree to the fact that one of their most important considerations when it comes to games is its gaming interface. In layman’s terms this speaks of the game’s design and layout, the combination of colors, the easy manipulation of keys and can sometimes even include the objective of the game – how clear it is, how sensible it is and how fun it is to play. All of these things have been encapsulated and captured well by the said game so there’s really no question about that.

3. Easy to Manipulate3 Easy to Manipulate

Likely, the skater boy game is also very easy to manipulate or play. Even without the proper knowledge on how actual skateboarding is done and even without the necessary experience, you will be able to really enjoy the game with ease because the instructions and guide are clear and you don’t have to feel any form of pressure because you will be playing the game at your own pace.

2. Does Not Require Any Skill2 Does Not Require Any Skill

As mentioned earlier, this game does not necessarily require any form of skill. Even without any practice or knowledge you can get by with playing it. In fact, if you really get hooked and decide to try out skateboarding sometime in the future, you wouldn’t necessarily have any more difficulty because you have seen how it is done virtually.

1. Makes You Want More1 Makes You Want More

Last but not the least, there’s something about this game that will make you feel hooked to it easily. For this very reason alone, you will most likely feel the desire to want more. In return, newer versions and upgrades to the game may already be available for you to enjoy so it is also important that you check all of your options every now and then. That is of course, if you really start to get hooked on the game and you find that you’ve already completed all the required challenges for the first version.


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