Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Play Different Types of Killing Justin Bieber Games

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Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Play Different Types of Killing Justin Bieber Games

Just out of nowhere this little boy from Canada spruced into the music industry and captured the hearts of millions and millions of fans around the world. Yes, you guessed it right, this little boy is more popularly known as Justin Bieber who has sold billions of soundtracks around the globe. But remember this old adage “popularity has a price”? If yes, then that’s exactly what happened to him. Perhaps because he was just too popular or that a lot of girls realized that they cannot be Bieber’s girlfriend, a lot of apps were created to bash this cute little music icon. Now, hundreds of killing Justin Bieber games has been made available for people to download. But why should you?

10. Because It’s Popular

10 Because It’s PopularIf you were to go online right now and check some apps and games that focus on Justin Beiber, then this is the first type of game you will find. Just like that, this apps has become the most popular, perhaps even more popular than the app that allows you to dress this young man up. Users like you who may or may not be Bieber fans will find that downloading this app is very interesting. Just like that, you will have something to talk about amongst your friends and you can have a good laugh as well. On a plus side, if you are a fan of this artist then you will have a closer connection with him through this game.

9. Because It’s Free

9 Because It’s FreeNow, let’s be realistic here. If a game that’s as exciting and funny as this one is offered to you without a cost, wouldn’t you like to try it out for yourself? Chances are you would very openly oblige to the offer. After all, there wouldn’t be any losses on your part. Since this game is also very fun and exciting to do and helps relieve yourself from all types of stress, then enjoying it for free is another reason why you ought to try it right now.

8. It’s Never Boring

8 It’s Never BoringAnother important reason why you shouldn’t miss the chance of playing killing Justin Bieber games is because this is one game that will never bore you out. Since the game works by asking you to literally kill Bieber or Beaver for that matter, all you have to do is get rid of him for good. The faster you go, the higher your score will be. If you are up for the challenge and if you are the kind of person who always looks for something different and exciting then this game is really perfect for you.

7. It’s One-of-a-kind

7 It’s One-of-a-kindThere is no denying the fact that there’s something about this game that makes it one-of-a-kind. Although there are probably more exciting games out there, this one in particular combines not only a Bieber vibe to your game but also makes sure that you are provided with a number of different options to familiarize yourself with and eventually be good at.

6. It’s Satisfying

6 It’s SatisfyingFor some reason, killing Justin Bieber is just undeniably satisfying. Since you have a time record of how fast or slow you’re able to kill Bieber, you usually will tend to really try harder the next time around. For some reason too this game is just motivating and requires you to excel more as you go along.

5. Bashing Without A Cost

5 Bashing Without A CostIf you are Bieber hater and if you find that his songs are no longer as good as they once were, then this is a great game that allows you to bash this little dude. If you have been thinking of shooting him dead because he’s just too popular and has a very high market value considering the fact that there are more artists there who are better than him, then a good way of doing this is through playing the game. Some games have an actual Bieber face right in front of you so there’s more thrill in actually shooting the face of this singer.

4. Offers Diverse Selection

4 Offers Diverse SelectionOne of the top reasons why you should not miss the chance of playing killing Justin Bieber games is because this game is created to suit a girl’s and boy’s needs. For boys, some games allow you to handle and shoot using a gun and gives you the feeling that you are part of an action scene where your target is no less than Bieber himself. For girls on the other hand, this game can be played with a little bit more sass and class because you will be required to date Bieber first and if the online flair does not work out, then that’s the time you get to kill him.

3. Exclusively Available Online

3 Exclusively Available OnlineAlthough some avid players of this game might think that making it available solely online is not a good thing, the reality here is that it is. Just imagine if this game can be downloaded as an app and can be saved in your tablet or mobile device. This would just kill the thrill that’s already there. Plus, if this game becomes too accessible then it will no longer be as thrilling and exciting to play every now and then.

2. Justin Bieber is Game About It

2 Justin Bieber is Game About ItYes, you read that right, one of the reasons why you should play this game even if you are a Bieber fan is because the young artist is actually man enough to just laugh it off when he was told that this game is available. What a true sport, yes?

1. Bieber Fever

1 Bieber FeverLastly, playing killing Justin Bieber games is a good idea because as much as we want to deny it, even you consider yourself a Bieber hater, it seems that this music icon will not be leaving the limelight any time soon and if you feel you can’t do anything about this, then at least through the game you get to do otherwise, and more.


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