Top 10 Titles on Mobile Devices that are like the Death Worm Game

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It’s time to face the facts. In gaming mobile devices have become a serious contender, and that’s not just in the mainstream titles. There have been hundreds of high quality titles that have come out on the iOS and Android, and quite a few of them feature some pretty cool gameplay. They can span the standard physics shooter like Angry Birds, and move on to more complicated titles like Infinity Blade. Whatever way you look at it doesn’t matter because it just means you have a ton more games to entertain you. So why not check out the Death Worm game, or the other hundred original titles that are on the iOS or the Android? Here are some of the best you might want to pick up.

10. Death Worm

10.Death Worm

Death worm started out simply enough, being that it found its roots in the flash game crowd. However, over time, the addicting gameplay and very simple controls were translated unto the Android. The worm burrows all throughout the earth and surfaces when threats block your path. At the same time, you’ll also gain a ton of score for destroying the feeble tanks and technology that lie in your way. In the game you’ll find tons to levels to conquer, all the while you’re tasked with destroying anything and everything in your path, thus the title “Death Worm.”

9. Dropship


The Sci-Fi genre has never found a home that’s been more welcoming than video games. It was only a matter of time before the Sci-Fi scene would breach the mobile gaming platform. Dropship is an exceptional title that features a gravity pulled space ship, which you have to guide and fight with as you struggle to save your allies. The controls are very well tuned, so you never feel like you lost a round because of the flimsy gravity, and shooting is straightforward. This title is for the iOS format.

8. GalaxIR


Not to be outdone by its rival, the Android also has a space game in its portfolio. However, the different between these games is that GalaxIR is a strategy game where you control an invading Alien Force. That’s right, the kind developers of the title have managed to make the RTS genre available on the Android, and for the most part it really works. Controls are simple, and managing each alien ship while you invade many planets feels smooth enough.

7. Trace


If mobile games got awards for creativity, this would be one of those titles that would get a ton of attention. Here, you platform your little stick man across a hand drawn landscape. Making it feel like the game came from an interactive version of the paint program. You’re also given the ability to clear paths and draw some of your own if necessary, which adds a little “Doodle God” feel to it.

6. InvadeR


Space Invaders is a game that is near legendary among all hardcore gamers, so it was only a matter of time until it got a facelift. InvadeR basically looks and feels like the original title, but with a prettier gloss over it. The character sprites, however, are totally the same with the original. In terms of gameplay, this game doesn’t deviate much from formula. Invaders are attacking and you must use your flight-incapable tank to shoot them all down.

5. Barrr


iPhone games tend to take weird turns when it comes to gameplay, and Barr is one of those titles that bends titles. In Barr, you run, well, a Bar, and during the night you have to tend to the many patrons that stumble into your tavern. However, the premise is the only thing original in the game, as it is reminiscent of Diner Dash, as you just cater to a bunch of drunk while making some money on the Side. It’s good fun, and you can check it out on the iOS.

4. Geared


At last, a title that is both on the iPhone and the Android, besides all the Angry Birds that keep coming out each month. In this game, your task is to complete the sequence of gears on the screen in order complete your little clockwork-thing. Of course, the challenge ramps up as you go along, and there are at least 150 levels, so expect the challenge to jump viciously over each success you have.

3. PewPew


Yes, that is the sound of a bad laser gun shooting, but it’s also the title of a pretty fun Geometry Wars-esque title on the Android. Featuring some oddly pretty geometric shapes, and some very fantastic effects, the game handles well enough but requires a lot of resources to run right. However, if you have a powerful enough phone, you can get a pretty good experience out of this title, as the shooting is tight and well balanced.

2. Game Dev Story

2.Game Dev Story

Game Dev Story is hilarious, and at the same time, the developer who made the title emulates what it would be like to micromanage a fledgling game developing company. Here, you control all the aspects of Game Development, and are treated to decisions like picking graphics over quality, or hiring and firing your employees. There’s so much to do in this game that if you let it, it can suck away hours of your life in a blink of an eye. So this isn’t really a title for burst gaming, but you’re sure to get a kick out of it anyway.

1. Tiny Leap

1.Tiny Leap

Tiny Leap is adorable, and no doubt, the game is also pretty good. It takes most of the mechanics from platformers and does them justice by polishing each aspect. Of course, a platformer wouldn’t be as fun if you didn’t have a little extra power, and in this one, the tiny robot can summon boxes to aid him in his jumping conquest. At the same time, the cutesy old school art style is pleasing to the eye, so the game is a sight to look at when you start jumping around the massive landscapes set before you.


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