Top Ten Reasons Why Online Sex Games are Kind of Sad

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Games can get away with a lot of things when it comes to real life issues. However, it’s also been pinned with a lot of different problems, especially when it comes to violence. This is probably the duality of gaming, as it can be used to portray a lot of problems in the world within a whimsical scope, but at the same time, it can magnify these issues into titanic scales. So on the subject of online sex games, how does the industry actually deal with titles that are mostly about fornication? Here are some of the biggest reasons why games can be sort of depressing when it comes to sex.

10. These games are just overt sexual fantasies

10.These games are just overt sexual fantasies

So what do porn and sex games have in common with each other? Well, a lot actually, but the biggest thing they do have, and what games seem to magnify with a few customizations, is the fantastical settings these games take place in. Whether the scenario requires a pizza guy, or some position that only a seasoned gymnast would be able to pull off, they portray only the most over the top scenarios. Sure, there’s no problem indulging in these fantasies once in a while, but to take it to the online scene would just be too much.

9. Some of these games are disgusting

9.Some of these games are disgusting

Have you ever heard of Leisure Suit Larry? Well if you have, then you know that the game isn’t really aimed at the women in games. However, while it is a little lewd, this game never crosses any lines, and is firmly planted into the world of hyperbole and jokes. In fact, if you’re in the right state of mind, the whole series can be quite funny. However, like many other genres in gaming, there is a dark side to sex games and it comes in the form of Rapelay. Suffice it to say, it lives up to the name it was given and it even goes further by implying that women would eventually like rape. Speaking of women and in these kinds of games…

8. Games like these are sort of sexist

8. Games like these are sort of sexist

Way back before Trey Parker and Matt Stone became the comedy giants that they are now, they made this little movie called Orgazmo. It’s not strictly PG mind you, as it is filled with a lot of raunchy images and sex jokes, but among them was a little nugget of profound clarity.

“You pig!
You’re the one responsible for degrading all of those women!
Hey hey! What about men, huh?
He degrades them too!
Yeah. Men are equally degraded in pornographic films.
The men are always in a position of power!
The men are the ones who want the product so bad.
They’re the victims!
Well, then, it exploits men by exploiting women. Hence… it exploits… people.
Shut up!!”

This was a conversation between two characters in the movie, discussing just who is degraded in the pornographic films. As you may see from the conversation, which is abruptly cut by the porn director, there is a lingering question as to who is really exploited in these films. The same idea can be applied to porn games, as the target market is always the men, but the subject of these acts are the women.

7. Women and men are made to look perfect

7.Women and men are made to look perfect

This problem is a common theme in gaming and while women get the lesser end of the deal, Men can also be subject to a deeper message. You see, both parties are often portrayed in the most hyperbolic manner possible, as you can see from the way character models are made. Huge busts are countered by the perfect chiseled abs and so on and so forth. However, this isn’t a new problem because it’s been happening in movies for a long time now, the games industry is just following the path already set out in front of them.

6. The Previous reason causes self esteem issues

6.The Previous reason causes self esteem issues

If you’ve got some time on your hands, and want to learn a little bit more about the prevailing problem of sexism in games, try and Google the issue right now. A recurring argument, which you might find in some of the more popular articles, is that these games can be damaging to a person’s self esteem. This is especially true for those kid gamers who are exposed to the hyper-competent protagonists that often riddle these games.

5. Porn games are akin to power fantasies

5.Porn games are akin to power fantasies

Once again, this problem is not restricted to games with a pornographic nature, and is instead found in most games today. The difference between the portrayal in both types of games is that the power displayed in porn is exercised in an almost negative manner. Why don’t you try and play a porn game without the intention of climaxing and examine what is actually happening.

4. Porn in any form can become an addiction

4.  Porn in any form can become an addiction

This is another reason why porn can be dangerous to the human brain as an over exposure to pornography has the same effects as what you would find in alcoholism. This is primarily due to the fact that after ejaculation, the brain is rewarded with a splash of dopamine, and when you do it too much, you get tolerant to the chemical.

3. Porn games extrapolate and worsen fantasies

3.Porn games extrapolate and worsen fantasies

Much like the reason above, once you are hooked on porn games, the same cliché stuff will no longer be appealing. Of course, with control and restraint, this won’t happen, but when you leave this problem unchecked, you end up creating wilder and more deviant fantasies. This is all to please the need that you built in your head.

2. it’s a lonely activity

2. it’s a lonely activity

Do you really want to end up watching two virtual beings go at it while you end another night in front of your desktop? If your answer is no, then just drop the porn games, they’re not helping in the slightest.

1. It further boxes you in

1. It further boxes you in

Being a logical human being, you might think that it is impossible to confuse these games with reality. That’s a perfectly good assumption; however, with equal parts loneliness and withdrawal from society, you get an environment in which the world is limited to achievements in games. This is sort of the problem with sex games because the prime objective in those games is the climax. There’s no human interaction and no real connection, even when you’re playing online. Boxing yourself in can result in further awkwardness in life, so why not just meet some real people with your interests?


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