Top 10 Chuck Norris Games and Titles for the Manly Man

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While as of late, games have started to appeal to a larger crowd, way before that games were almost a boys club. Gamer girls were almost unheard of and usually all those that played video games fanatically were outcast. Nowadays, tons more people have started playing games and that includes a lot of young women too. That’s an awesome thing to think about and the more people getting into games simply means a ton more genres spawning out of the woodwork. Of course, there are times when you just want to play a game for the manly feel of it. So before you buckle in and start playing that artsy game, why not think try some Chuck Norris games and get the action only a real man can handle.

10. Shave Chuck Norris10. Shave Chuck Norris

That’s right, you’ve read correctly; the iconic manly man that has conquered the world by storm can and should be shaved. The action in the game is simple, and you’re only objective is to clean up the karate fighting Texas Ranger. This prove to be a lot more challenging than you think as the game does have a few surprises in store for you.

9. Army of Two9. Army of Two

Okay, so before we delve into too many Chuck Norris titles, you have to remember that there are tons of other manly games out there. If you’re looking for a title that has a lot to do with the bro-dude ethics of war, then look no further than Army of Two. The title is best played with a partner as the whole thing is based off of teamwork, and at the same time, a lot of mechanics lend themselves to how two players can benefit from cooperative play. At the same time, the constant, manly banter is sure to get you ready to fight.

8. Asura’s Wrath8. Asura's Wrath

Another game that is sure to show off the testosterone driven fighting style of an ancient and angry demi-god is Asura’s wrath. This game is riddled with awesome action scenes that depict an epic fights between all powerful beings and a story line that doesn’t really need your full attention. At the same time, the mechanics doesn’t really need your full thought either. So at the end of it, you’ll be sure to enjoy a pretty good manly title.

7. Dark Souls7. Dark Souls

The life of manliness is dictated by a ton of hard challenges and very little reward. Just take a look at Chuck Norris’ life and notice how many fictional baddies he has to go through to survive. For the gamer that wants a huge challenge to face, well there’s Dark Souls to tied you over. This game has garnered a name for itself for being hard. This isn’t just about how enemies are tougher or meaner, it’s also about the world doing it’s very best to watch you fail. However, the game mechanics are still awesome, and they tie the level together nicely.

6. Demon Souls6. Demon Souls

The reason why this game is so close to its brother is because these titles are made to be harder than they are supposed to. The challenge proves your manliness and if you can withstand countless deaths again and again, then you are rewarded with some pretty great level skills while still being challenged as you go along.

5. Contra5. Contra

You want a REAL manly challenge? If so, then you must pick up the original Contra game as it has been hailed as one of the hardest to beat ever. The game has a top down camera which only serves to warn you slightly as bullets ran from almost every direction. Everything in this game’s world is out to get you and survival is rare. At the same time, this is also one of the games that spawned the up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right cheat code. This cheat code has been an epic little meme for a long time now.

4. Chase Goose 24. Chase Goose 2

Don’t be fooled by this game’s title; there’s a lot of hardship that goes on in this game, even if the object is the goose. Obviously though, a lot of the game seems inspired by the many old school games on the Comodore 64 as the music and the aesthetic can probably blend right in with that era. As for gameplay, you might be surprised to find that you’ll be entertaining yourself for hours on end.

3. Double Dragon3. Double Dragon

Ah this classic title is one of the best retro games that you will ever find. The game can rival even Chuck Norris’ manly ideals as you fight your way across the land to save the hostage/princess/ president because these are what these kinds of games do. As you go along, you will also eat rabidly for health, and try to punch out large cars.


If you manage to finish the game, then there are no more things to conquer. In fact, you can probably quit playing games altogether as this title is designed to put you through a gauntlet of hardship, even if it is just one track worth of movement. The controls are sadistic in design, and will lend you no quarter even when there are tears in your eyes. Try it at your own risk, but remember, conquering this game will mean you are the manliest man ever, and when you earn that title, you’ll be ready for the number one manly game.

1. Make Chuck Norris Cry1. Make Chuck Norris Cry

Once you have conquered the dungeons of Demon Souls and have destroyed everything you can between you and the big evil alien in Contra. When you have finally finished off the evil terrorists from the Army of Two, and left the track in QWOP as a winner, then your reward should be clear to you. In this game, you must face the hero of all manliness, and make him cry like a child. Good luck to you, as the challenge will be amazingly hard.


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