Top 10 Cute Games that are like Sleep Over Games for Girls Along with Some Puzzlers

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Games are for everyone now, and no one is allowed to say that girls are out of that club. In fact, nerdy girls are kind of the in things as of late, but that’s not just an image thing. There are tons of good people in geek culture and at the same time, they are some of the smartest and most inspired batch of people around. So, if you’re getting your little one into gaming, there are some standout games that you might want them to try out. Of course, these aren’t just limited to stuff like sleep over games for girls, as a lot of them will be puzzlers. For good measure, there are also some cute titles in this list too.

10. Sushi Cat 210. Sushi Cat 2

Games online are always a bit unhinged, but that’s always been the key to their charms. Puzzlers often employ cutesy characters to make their games a little more appealing, and some skill games require you to guide cats to sushi. That’s basically the premise of this cute little skill game, as it needs the player to make Sushi cat as fat as they can. Bacon Dog has kidnapped the Cat’s why, and while there is disconnect between the premise and the purpose, the game’s still cute.

9. Interlocked9.Interlocked

The standing issue with this game is that it can be a little mind bending, however, this is the reason this game gets a listing. Basically, the player has to disassemble a block of puzzle pieces as fast as possible. The thing here is that the puzzle is in 3D, so imagination and a few camera shifts are necessary to get to the solution. This game can test your kid’s spatial awareness, and indeed, some of the challenges are a lot harder than others.

8. Shift8.Shift

This game is a bit more of a brain teaser, but the design and the idea behind the title is pretty unique. You see, levels are designed like a standard platformer, with sections that can be jumped upon and spikes to slow you down. However, some solutions are impossible to access, because it would seem like levels are designed to be solved. That’s where the game gets unique, because pressing the shift key inverts the world and flips everything. This allows you to use the roof as the floor and vice versa.

7. Take Something Literally7.Take Something Literally

Take Something Literally is an instructions game. You just have to follow all the instructions, but at the same time, you’ll have to think outside the box. This game is pretty unique, and while it does stretch the brain a bit, it can get a little bit annoying. This is especially true for kids who get frustrated easily.

6. Doodle God6.Doodle God

Yet another addictive little title puts your kid in the shoes of a Doodle God. The game has a very simple control scheme, relying on clicks and moves in order to create new elements or help your little people. The imagination that goes into creating the little combos is really detailed, often allowing you to mix many different things in order to make clay, energy, and other useful stuff. Overall, creativity in this game goes through the roof, so make sure to let your kid try it out.

5. Portal: Flash Version5.Portal Flash Version

Portal has become quite a bit of a phenomenon in gaming culture. From the stupid little meme about cakes, to the eerie AI called GlAdOs, this game is chockfull of interesting lore and great gameplay. The flash version can’t support all the stuff that the full game can, but it is a great game. The puzzles are interesting, and it’s a fun title, which your kid will enjoy. After all, not every title on this list should be about puzzles and cute stuff.

4. Musaic4.Musaic

Do you want your little daughter to grow up with a bit of music appreciation? Well then, strangely enough there’s a flash game with that aim in mind. Musaic is a hidden object game that uses music to give you clues. While it doesn’t seem like much, the game does feature some pretty nifty ideas when it comes to the correlations of music and objects. It can also teach your kid about which sound belongs to the right instrument.

3. Diner Dash3.Diner Dash

This game has always been about speed and skill as opposed to just puzzling your kid to boredom. At the same time, it’s also got that micro-managing flair about it. In the game, you control ‘Flo’, an ambitious waitress that wishes to run the best restaurant in town. While gameplay is pretty limited (your kid will be clicking their way through levels) it is a fast and frantic experience. The speed alone should be able to keep your kid on his or her toes.

2. Nyanicorn2.Nyanicorn

This game was inevitable. Mixing a game about a unicorn that jumps through space and time to “reach their dreams” and Nyan Cat is apparently great idea. The result you get is a simple platforming endless runner that needs high speed button presses. Everything about this title is basically the same as Robot Unicorn Attack, but instead of a mythical creature, you get a pop tart cat. The background music was also changed in favor of the endless nyan nyan of the original.

1. The Company of Myself1.The Company of Myself

This title has a lot going for it; a pretty art style, a striking premise, and unique gameplay elements. However, if you can, before you let your kid play it turn off the music as it can get depressing. Other than that, this title is highly competent, and it also boasts a pretty fun system of platforming.


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