Top 10 Free Online Games That Girls Will Enjoy Playing

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10. Princess Slacking

10.Princess Slacking

Play the role of Sarah, the long lost princess of Slacktopia. She used to be an ordinary girl until she learned that she actually has a royal blood. She is the heir to the thrown so she was taken to the palace to rule over her people. Your handmaiden will be there to ensure that you are doing your royal duties. On the right side of the game window are various things you need to do while the handmaiden is not around. Click on a specific item and complete the goal. Close the activity when the handmaiden shows up or the game will end. However, whatever changes you have made from one task will not be saved. It will only be cleared if completed at once. This game has a time limit so you must work faster to complete all tasks in Princess Slacking.

9. Barbie as Rapunzel

9.Barbie as Rapunzel

Every girl’s best doll is without a doubt Barbie. Now, you can dress her up easily by playing Barbie as Rapunzel on the web. Help her look her best for her date with her prince. Have fun changing the color of her dress by clicking on the paint spots. Choose the perfect hairstyle that will make the prince fall in love by clicking on the brushes. Click on the necklace and shoes that would match her gown by clicking on your choice. Make her gown even more beautiful by clicking on the different colors of butterflies, ribbons, gems and flowers and dragging to where you want to place them on the gown. Complete her princess look by clicking on the crown that you like. Click the next button once done so Barbie can meet her prince.

8. Merpony Maker

8.Merpony Maker

Merpony Maker is a fun and enjoyable game for girls that can be played online. A merpony is a fantasy creature that is a hybrid of a mermaid and a pony. Make this cute little creature look even more magical with your make over skills. There are several options on the game that will let you customize its look. The first thing that you will see on the left side of your merpony is the intricate menu. Click on your choices and click on the fish icon pointing to the right to see more options. Change its color, mouth, eyes and more until you are satisfied with the look of your very own merpony.

7. Mermaid Cutie

7.Mermaid Cutie

This is another dress up game for girls that you will surely love. This time, you will be dressing up a mermaid cutie. On the left side of the game window is the image of the mermaid under the sea. On the rightmost side are various icons that contain different options. Click on the eye icon to change the eye color, as well as her skin color. Click the tail icon and choose among the pretty colors and designs that would suit her. Click the head icon to change her hairstyle. The next icon will let you choose on the gorgeous tops. Click the next icon and select a design to be placed on her waist area. The last icon will be a selection of hair pieces that she can wear.

6. My Sweet 16 Cake 2

6. My Sweet 16 Cake 2

Bake your own cake for your Sweet 16 party. Choose the shape, color, flavor and design. Make it look as pretty as it can be. Click the play button on the main game window to start playing My Sweet 16 Cake 2. Click the shape of the cake that you wish to use. Select if you want a one layered or two layered cake. Click on the ingredients to use and bake in the oven. Click the right arrow and play with the cake design. Click the show button once done decorating your sweet 16 cake.

5. Teenage Room Decorating

5. Teenage Room Decorating

It’s fun to decorate your room especially when you have lots of great choice of items to add. It’s even better when all you have to do is click on the mouse. Play Teenage Room Decorating and create your dream room. Click on the icons on the right and options will be shown on the left side of the game window. For instance, clicking on the bed icon will give you different designs and styles of bed. Click on each bed to see how they would look like on the room. Move to the next icon until you are able to completely decorate your room.

4. Nail Art Salon

4.Nail Art Salon

Paint nails and add pretty nail arts of your choice. Choose whether you want the nails to be long or short. Click on the nail polish color to use. You may use a plain color or you may click on the option with the design of your choice. You may also add nail art stickers by clicking on the sticker below the green and red nail polish. Choose the skin color for the hand. If you want to undo the design or paint, click on the nail polish remover and rub it on the nail that you wish to clean. Select from the beautiful selections of rings and bracelets. Nail Art Salon can keep you entertained for hours.

3. Perfect Breakfast Decoration

3.Perfect Breakfast Decoration

Perfect Breakfast Decoration is a great game to play because of its colorful graphics. Prepare a delicious and wonderful looking breakfast by simply clicking on your choices. Select the plate that you wish to use. Choose your main dish, side dish, veggies, fruits and drinks. Create your very own appetizing and well designed menu.

2. Fashion Shoes Design

2.Fashion Shoes Design

Create your dream shoes by playing Fashion Shoes Design. Choose the type of shoes you would like to design. Some of your options include flats, high heels, rubber shoes and boots. Click on the color you wish to use and click on the part of the shoes where you want to apply it. Click the design that you want to add and click the show option when you are happy with the result. Play as many times as you want.

1. Hannah Montana Real Haircuts

1.Hannah Montana Real Haircuts

Girls love styling hair. Wouldn’t it be even more exciting if you get to style Hannah Montana’s hair? Well, not the real Miley Cyrus, but the cartoon version. It’s still the next best thing, right? Play Hannah Montana Real Haircuts and cut, color and style your favorite celebrity’s hair. You don’t have to worry if you don’t like the result since you can always play again.


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