Top 10 Different Types of Mud Riding Games That Are Fantastic For the Holidays

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Nowadays, more and more mud riding games are being created. If you still haven’t had the chance to try them out, then now is the best time that you do. Since the holiday season is just right around the corner and chances are your vacation has already started as well, might as well go for these games that are absolutely unique and definitely exciting. Not to mention, this type of game can teach you a number of different values as well.

After reading the necessary information when it comes to the various types of mud riding games, the next most important thing you need to take into account then is knowing what you can get out of these games. Other than the excitement and adventure that they bring, these games are also perfect in teaching you some valuable life lessons like persistence, having a positive attitude and entrusting yourself with certain skills and relying yourself on your own in times of need. So if you are contemplating on why you should try this game out, read these top 10 reasons and you wouldn’t have second thoughts for sure.

10. Autumn Bike Ride10 Autumn Bike Ride

The autumn bike ride is one of the first mud games you shouldn’t miss out trying primarily because this game is perfect not only for bike lovers and riders but also for everyone else. What’s great about this bike ride game is that it does not require you to ride your bike on flat and even ground, rather on dirt roads and mud roads that are absolutely challenging.

9. Stunt Biker
9 Stunt Biker

The Stunt Biker game is another mud riding game that is ideal if you are looking for something adventurous and totally different. Unlike the first bike ride game, this one in particular requires that you manipulate and ride the bike while creating some stunts that will get you through higher levels. You need to make sure that you wouldn’t fall off though because this will disqualify you from the game.

8. Jurassic Drive8 Jurassic Drive

The Jurassic Drive game does not only require you to drive on the mud, it also requires you to get past several dinosaurs that are blocking your way. It is important to get rid of each and every one of them if you want to advance to the next stage. Mind you, the whole process is definitely not easy but is an exciting adventure you should really try out.

7. Dune Bashing7 Dune Bashing

This game is also equally exciting because it requires you to drive through sand dunes ideally set in the heart of Dubai. Since this country is famous for their dry season and their desserts, you will have a truly exciting and one of a kind adventure playing this kind of game.

6. Spring Bike

6 Spring Bike

No, your bike is not powered by a spring. Rather, all you have to do is drive through the different obstacles that are not that easy to get past and make sure to never crash and fall off your bike. This game is made even more challenging because you will be driving on mud that makes your vision blurred at a certain point.

5. Drift Runners Game5 Drift Runners Game

If you are a huge fan of car racing, you will definitely fall in love with the Drift Runners game. What makes this game different is the fact that it comes with different levels and difficulty of challenges and it also gets more and more difficult as you progress along the way. This game is exciting though because it also comes with 24 different tracks including several mud tracks.

4. Free Rider 24 Free Rider 2

If you are creative enough in creating your own bike track, the Free Rider 2 game is the perfect one for you. This game is exactly ideal for first time bike riders but eventually when you get the hang of things, you can also create your own difficult tracks and get the highest scores you can possibly ever get.

3. FG Biker3 FG Biker

There’s no need for several tasks to be completed all at the same time because with the FG Biker, your main goal is pretty simple and that is to make sure that you ride your bike as fast as you can. But even if there’s only one specific task you need to focus on, this does not necessarily mean that it will be easy because you also need to face several challenges along the way that you need to get past.

2. Crazy Race Arena 22 Crazy Race Arena 2

You have probably tried all other car racing games out there but if you still want to push it a little farther and try something totally different, make sure to go to for the Crazy Race Arena 2 that is perfect for giving you that much needed dose of excitement. What makes this game totally one of a kind is the fact that you will be driving on mud and on dirt road which automatically doubles the challenge you have to be faced with.

1. Super Truck Game1 Big Truck Adventures 2

The super truck game is another unique installment to the different types of riding games that you can find out there. This truck game is made even more challenging because of the fact that it requires you to drive on mud and on several obstacles along the way too. Don’t worry because this game is perfect if you have so much free time on your hands and if you want to be able to make sure that your challenges are faced with and met at all times.


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