Top 10 Free Non Downloadable Games You Can Play Online

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We have come to a point in time and technology in which we are no longer required to buy or download games in order to be able to play them. These days, you can play games using your computer by simply visiting a website and enjoy them for free anytime you want to. That being said, there are literally hundreds of games you can choose from and they all vary in genre as well as game play. In this list, we will be tackling some of the best free non downloadable games you can have fun with and enjoy all day every day.

10. AdventureQuest Worlds10. AdventureQuest Worlds

This game was developed in 2008 and is now commonly referred to in the gaming community as AQWorlds or even as simply as AQW. This is an MMORPG and the game revolves more on battles that you have to do in it. Of course, you can play on your own or with/against other players of AQW and rather than taking turns with hits, the game employs a real time battle system complete with other opponents such as monsters in the map. There are different types of characters here such as rogues, ninjas and of course healers. Tons of things can be done in the game as the quests are very in-depth. Plus, characters that are created can achieve levelling up as well as being able to move across various classes.

9. Runescape9. Runescape

As one of the most recognized games in the online gaming community, Runescape is fantasy-based MMORPG which was released a few years back. This game is quite vast in terms of having different types of kingdoms and cities which can all be explored. Besides the different types of characters and skill sets you can acquire, the fun part of Runescape is travelling within the game. You can choose to travel by foot, magic or even use mechanical devices. Other than the actual game play, you can also interact with other players by means of chatting with them or trading valuable equipment and items with one another.

8. Adventure Quest8. Adventure Quest

Adventure Quest as you now know is where AQW is based off of. This one was released over a decade ago and is turn-based role-playing game. Of course, you are the hero in AQ and your quest revolves around killing monsters you come across with. You may choose to attack them head on or cast a spell. Plus, you can arm yourself with various types of weapons, armours and shields as well. Even if it is the classic turn-based style, Adventure Quest has an awesome storyline that will surely keep you engrossed with it.

7. Tribal Wars7. Tribal Wars

Being set in the Middle Ages, Tribal Wars is a browser-based title in which your character has power over a small town. The goal is to rise up to power and achieve glory. As you play the game, you will become stronger and your town will flourish. Of course, this game isn’t without its enemies. You will have to fight off invaders and other players wishing to take you down. Who will be the strongest village in Tribal Wars?

6. Ikariam6. Ikariam

Another free game that you do not have to download in order to play, Ikariam is a strategy title that can be played online. If you are familiar with build-a-civilization type games, this is somewhat like them. You are tasked with making the small village of your flourish and defend it from any intruders.

5. OGame5. OGame

Something quite different and unique, OGame is a strategy game that takes place in space. This is purely text based and there are no actions, just words and imagination. You will have to build your own fleet and battle against the other players in the game. Albeit simple, OGame is extremely fun and addictive.

4. zOMG!4. zOMG!

The name is something you cannot simply ignore. zOMG! will surely catch your attention because besides the original name, the catch with this MMORPG is that there are no specific character classes that you can choose from. Instead, you can choose to equip any of eight rings which will give you specific powers you can use to fight. zOMG! is a game which runs on all operating systems.

3. Hattrick3. Hattrick

If you’re into fantasy football, this game is perfect for you. Buy and sell players, adjust your team’s setting and manage to win the season. You have complete control over your team and you will need to be very tactical and strategic in order to have the best team in Hattrick.

2. Battlestar Galactica Online2. Battlestar Galactica Online

So this is another free game that you do not have to pay for and it just so happens to be set in space as well. Battlestar Galactica Online is of course based on the very popular TV show of the same title (minus the online part) and this game takes off in the latter part of the second season. In fact, this is something that was not seen on the plot of the show. In here, you will have to fight off the enemy depending on which team you side on.

1. Armored Legion1. Armored Legion

Armored Legion is an awesome three dimensional mechanical battle MMORPG type of game. You can choose between turn-based or real time fighting depending on how you want to play. Upgrade your robots and the weapons you use in order to have the best units in the game. Game fame and fortune by obliterating your enemies into smithereens!


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