Top 10 Must-Try Mud Bogging Games Not Only for Men but for Women Too

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Mud bogging or mud racing is a favorite among all kinds of video game players. Of course, the bias is on male players but women are also slowly creeping up. Even in the real world, women players are taking a good lease on the spotlight. So you can never say that mud racing or mud bogging games are for men alone.

There are many requirements in making it to this best list. The game has to be a renowned favorite. It has to be packed with a kind of action that is not like the rest. It must offer a different brand of fun that makes it a true standout in this highly competitive market. Here are the top 10 games you can enjoy in your console, smartphone, or android device, which made it on our list:

10. Reckless Gateway10 Reckless Gateway

This is the kind of play that every mud racing gamers should try. Reckless Gateway combines the excitement of making a quick escape on messy roads plus the nerve-wracking adventure of trying to outrun the cops. Reckless Gateway is all about a group of robbers that are in for the most amazing escape. The driving experience is polished, peppered with crazy stunts.

9. Need for Speed9 Need for Speed

Speeding is not allowed if you are on the road. It is a different thing altogether when you are in a race, much more when you are in a virtual race where everything is possible. Need for Speed is one of the most successful racing game series because it provides a different set of challenges every time – whether it is about car customization or about the great challenges presented by the dirty and muddy roads.

8. Motor Bike Race Challenge8 Motor Bike Race Challenge

This free motorbike racing game for android device and tablet PC users has a very simple principle with many outstanding features. You simply need to tilt your device to run through muddy tracks and then touch the screen to perform acceleration or a brake. However, it presents 12 levels, which you may unlock after earning a star on a previous on. All levels are addictive; all tracks are challenging.

7. Reckless Racing7 Reckless Racing

This is a stellar racing game that will surely melt everyone’s heart. This kind of play has many positive aspects. For one, the visual and sound effects are one-of-a-kind. They surely set the tone for something exciting and for something you will hardly find to drop at any point. For another, the simple controls make even a newbie player feel like a pro. It also helps that the complete package is a whole world of entertainment.

6. MotorStorm6 MotorStorm

This is one of the biggest mud bogging games in the market. The game puts you to the end of your seat, while traversing on the cliff sides. Also, traversing the tracks many times and different laps at each time, you will never get used to the kind of adventure this kind of game can provide. For many racing enthusiasts, there are only few titles out there that are worth your attention. This MotorStorm is one of the chosen few.

5. F1 Race Stars5 F1 Race Stars

If you are a fan of F1 racing, you will have an acquired good taste for this game. F1 Race Stars puts the fun into the world of arcade mud racing. It gives you an opportunity to peek through different kind of muddy and challenging tracks. It also lets you in on the brand of excitement you may enjoy along the way. F1 Race Stars will truly make you feel like a star.

4. ATV OffRoad Fury4 ATV OffRoad Fury

This one is for the books. It takes the excitement of mud racing to a whole new level with an arcade style of gameplay decorated with simple mechanics. The focus is always going as fast as you can. But when it comes to the ATV OffRoad Fury, it is all about a cut between extreme sports and supercross style of a race.

3. Dakar 2: The World’s Ultimate Rally3 Dakar 2 The World's Ultimate Rally

If you are in for the adventure race of a lifetime, this is one game you should not miss out on. It is the ultimate off-road racing game, which will help you get closest to the real thing. Merely looking at the screenshots of the game, you will easily understand how this game went up ahead from the rest of games in the same genre.

2. 3D HD Drivers Academy Extreme2 3D HD Drivers Academy Extreme

This is one of the simplest yet most exciting mud racing games there is. What’s even better is that, it is accompanied with all the good things of being in an actual race. You may play this game for an hour or so nonstop and enjoy the extreme action in, where else but Mars.


This kick-ass game featuring all the aspects that make it somehow “real”, is a must-try no matter what age you are in. It is as exciting as an actual motocross event is. You will see a lot of bikes sliding through downward slopes and technical chicanes. This is a messy turn on your kick of speed. It will give you the adrenalin rush you should be looking for in every mud racing game. Plus, the obstacles are taken off the FIM Motocross World Championships. You can never expect them to be easy or simple.


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