Top 10 Madness Combat Games You Should Not Miss

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Fighter games are on a roll, especially since the Internet has become such a phenomenon. It is not simply about placing one fighter against another. It is also about being online and fighting against virtual people you just know online. Here are ten madness combat games you should not miss and you should try in this lifetime.

10. Mass Effect10 Mass Effect

One thing that makes Mass Effect a standout among the rest is the fact that it offers players an opportunity to make their own game-changing decisions throughout the battle. Since it was released worldwide in November of 2007, it did not look back. It has continued to spawn a sequel after another, until all part of the trilogy is in the market.

9. Doom9 Doom

Doom has all the characteristics of an addictive combat video game. Its plot is complicated, its graphical imagery is so vivid, its brand of challenge is outstanding. There is nothing more an addict video game player could ever ask for. Everything from the Mars corridors to the demonic imagery is superb.

8. World of Warcraft8 World of Warcraft

Monthly, World of Warcraft makes an amazing wave at the market. It sells about 10 million units to those who would like to get into the world of Azeroth. Thus online RPG sets the tone for all the other games of its kind out there. It has seen many people of different age amazingly drown into this wonderful world of make believe and difficult combat battles.

7. Counter-Strike7 Counter-Strike

Counter-Strike is another world-renowned, team-based, first-person shooter battle. The landscape is classic, quite very memorable of both “Modern Warfare” and “Battlefield”. This is the closest you could get to being a mindless killer just so you could stay alive and be poised to win. Counter-Strike develops a level of skill out the game player, allowing him to learn how to work with a team and treat a warfare like a sport.

6. WarCraft II6 WarCraft II

While the first of the series is easily forgettable, this amazing sequel has significantly improved by providing game players a truly unique, truly fantastic experience they can’t seem to get over with. WarCraft II: Tides of Darkness did not only outdo the first game released – WarCraft: Orcs and Humans. It also added more depth to the original formula of the game, which kept gamers rooted.

5. Team Fortress 25 Team Fortress 2

If anything, the light visual of this game does not speak of the heavy action you will experience with it. While Team Fortress 2’s visual and sound effects are truly remarkable, you cannot discount the fact, too that it is jam-packed with immense action you will hardly find easy to ignore. It helped that along with the bloody mess you can make of your opponent, the game is peppered with funny dialogues that add up many gems to this addictive game.

4. Skyrim4 Skyrim

Skyrim is seen as the game of delightful distractions. It has made people quite busy enough, not having even a small amount of time to peek on their social media life. If there is one game that could do that, you do not need to ask whether it is good or not. Certainly, Skyrim’s action-filled scenes will never let you off the hook. Plus, there is the fact that saving the whole dragon problem makes it hard for gamers to sleep at night.

3. Portal 23 Portal 2

Portal 2 has a wonderful lasting appeal. That should say enough how the clichés and challenges of the game could get you far enough. This is something that will be etched into your memory forever. This is something that will get into your system as natural as sleeping at night and waking up in the morning does. It is also notable that the dialogues are downright funny, right?

2. Half-Life2 Half-Life

If there is one game that made first-shooter games a phenomenon, it is Half-Life. This is one of the greatest games of its time, which leveled up the requirements for a good combat game high enough. If you think Half-Life is the best combat game out there, wait till you try its sequel, Half-Life 2. Some critics look at it as one game that could make its predecessor look like a so and so. That’s how good the sequel is!

1. Star Wars1 Star Wars

This is one of the best role-playing games set on space. No, it is not just about the franchise being so good and so popular at the rest of things it is involved in. It is also about the mere action that sets the tone for a whole new morality system. We know, making a Star Wars game alone would give the rest a run for their money. But that would not happen if the Star Wars game is not as good as it appeared with this Knights of the Old Republic.


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