Top 10 Fun and Cool Text Based Games Online That You Can Play for Free


Text-based games have been here for a long time, more so than video game consoles and arcades. Now, these types of games are available online and most if not all of them are free to play. A big difference with text-based games that are online as opposed to most titles that are popular is that they literally function through text. Albeit a short animation with some, there are no controls, actions or movements at all. A simple click of a button or a choice of actions will determine the outcome of your game. Here are some popular text based games online that you can play for a change.

10. Gladiatus10Gladiatus
This is one of the popular games that came out a few years back. Taking place in the Roman era, you start out as a lowly gladiator who must climb the ranks in order to become the strongest fighter in your respective server. Build your character’s skills and arm yourself with the strongest of weapons in order to be the best. Plus, you can form a guild so you can band together to annihilate other opponents as well.

9. Starwake9Starwake

A text-based MMORPG, Starwake is a futuristic game in which you are in control of your own spaceship. Fight against other players and climb your way to the top of the rankings in the game. To do this, you will need to upgrade your ship with components that you can purchase. You are in control of your destiny in Starwake. Become a fighter for your planet or become a rouge pilot who seeks power, it is your choice.

8. AnnihilationX8AnnihilationX

The premise of this game is simple: build your army and fight against other players in AnnihilationX. Your point is to literally annihilate and obliterate your opponent by arming your crew with over 25 types of weapons and armour. Build your group of mercenaries by either creating your own faction or joining one that already exists in the game. Strategy is the most important part of this game. Every action has a subsequent reaction so you need to plan carefully.

7. Wanted7Wanted

If you watched the popular movie starring James McAvoy or read the graphic novel, then you might be interested in Wanted as a browser-based MMORPG. In this game, you will build your character in order to become the best assassin and be the leader of the Fraternity. The best part is, the game is also for free.

6. Dark Warriors6Dark Warriors

Taking place in the medieval period, you are literally a dark warrior poised to fight monsters and going on adventures in the hopes of becoming the best one there is. Fight against other warriors in this game in order to climb the ranks in the leader board. You won’t have to download anything in order to play Dark Warriors as it is strictly browser-based.

5. Robowars5Robowars

Instead of medieval times or Roman eras, this browser-based game is all about robots! Robowars allows you to create your very own robot and make it fight against thousands of other robots. Of course, by succeeding, you earn precious coin which you can use to upgrade your weapons. Plus, you can also join a faction in order to dominate the game! It is up to you to strategize to become the best robot fighter in Robowars.

4. The West4The West

Take a trip back in time in the wild, wild west with this text-based game that is free to play online. The West gives you the opportunity to create your own character which you need to improve on skills and train. There are plenty of activities and jobs in the game which lead to certain goals.

3. Dead Awaken3Dead Awaken

This may be a glimpse of what it would be like during the zombie apocalypse. In Dead Awaken, you are in a world overrun by zombies. You can pick sides: choose to be with humans or have zombies with you to help you survive. Fight against thousands of players all over the world in Dead Awaken.

2. Hobowars2Hobowars

The name of the game says it all. You are a hobo and you must fight against other homeless people in order to earn money and respect in the streets. Customize your hobo in drab outfits and arm yourself with shopping carts. There are lots of activities in this game such as training rats to work for you, joining gangs and even begging for money.

1. The Mobster Game1The Mobster Game

Join the Mobster Game and feel what it would be like to live the life of a Mafioso. Join a family or create your own and even become a one-man army without any alliances. Everything comes with a price and more often than not, the payment is in blood.


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