Top 10 Mud Truck Games That Your Kid Will be Crazy About

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Kids love trucks and there’s no real reason why they should. It could be that the loud crashing noises appeal to their sense of fun, or maybe they just enjoy seeing giant trucks crash into each other. Whatever the reason may be, it’s obvious that kids will always try their best to get their hands on some big trucks. Of course, you can’t let your kid get their hands on a real monster vehicle because that would just be irresponsible, which is why the next best thing for your kid is to try out the best mud truck games online. A ton of them are free to play, and since they need so little, you won’t have to worry about your computer either.

10. Rally Expedition 3D10. Rally Expedition 3D

Since mud trucking isn’t always that appealing, there are many other alternatives that you can turn to in order to have your kids have some fun. Well, if you’re looking into some dirty racing games, then there are a ton of titles that you can check out. Rally Expedition 3D, while not completely accurate in its depiction of rally racing, is one such game that you can throw at your kid. The racing mechanics are solid, and the graphics are pretty enough so give it a look.

9. Dirt Rush9. Dirt Rush

If your kid isn’t really into the whole rally racing game fad, then there are a few other games that you can let them play that involve trucks and dirt. Dirt rush is a fairly simple but fun side scrolling racer. The game boasts a few solid levels with a lot of jumps and obstacles that make the title a little more fun and challenging for the kid.

8. Off Roaders 28. Off Roaders 2

Yet another 3D title that features these huge hulking machines, Off Roaders 2 takes that cake for some pretty fun game play. While it doesn’t have a lot in the way of features, it does make up for it by having a full 3D world to race in. At the same time, the AI and the racing is challenging but runs smoothly on older computers. Overall, the title really does define what mud trucking is so it’s really worth your kid’s time.

7. Formula Off Road7. Formula Off Road

At some point your kid may finally get tired of all the trucks, however, don’t you worry about a thing. This is because there are tons of other vehicles in games that he can drive around to his heart’s content and one of them involves a dune buggy. This title isn’t exactly on the bleeding edge of gameplay; it’s a browser game after all. What you want to watch out for is the fact that the game boasts some pretty fun mechanics and the simplified bouncing physics of the game makes it a little more exciting.

6. 18 Wheels Driver6. 18 Wheels Driver

Games have always been about diverse genres, and these free games are not excluded. In this little title, the player is tasked with driving one of the worst moving vehicles of all time. An 18 wheeler is notorious for being the worst handling vehicle in the world. This title makes the action fun though, as you race around on tracks while trying to keep the vehicle safe and secure.

5. Bat Truck5. Bat Truck

Someday, this game might be subject to a lawsuit pertaining to copyright infringement, however, as of now; it remains a game that you can have your kid play. The title is pretty straightforward, only earning this spot because kids love batman and the game still plays pretty well. It’s just about the Bat Truck after all.

4. Jeep in the Jungle4. Jeep in the Jungle

Want your kid to have a little more of a cartoony game to play with? If you are, then Jeep in the Jungle has the style you might be looking for. Boasting some pretty cartoony visuals, the game has a ton of different tracks and races in store. The character in the game seems to be an insane general of some sort who has ran out of fuel and now must rely on explosions to keep the truck moving forward. The task of the level is to collect all the stars in the least amount of time.

3. American Trucks Ice Age3. American Trucks Ice Age

In this little game, the aim is simply to park the truck in the designated spot. The catch is that the parking spaces are all on Ice, which makes the task a little harder than it, should be. The premise is simple enough, but earns a slot up here because it has some pretty unique controls.

2. Urban Rally2. Urban Rally

Another side scrolling truck racing game, the difference here is that the racing is mostly in the city and the gameplay is well balanced and easy to grasp. Overall, this takes the number 2 spot because the game functions so well.

1. Trucksformers1. Trucksformers

Racing can be an entertaining form of gameplay, however, it can get a little dragging. So instead of a pure racer on the top of the list, Truckformers takes the top spot. The game has a unique mechanic where the truck can transform into different vehicles as it races along. These different forms can be used to conquer obstacles and overcome pitfalls. This unique twist to the side scrolling racer is a welcome change, so make sure to have you kid play this if they’re sick of the standard racer.


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    Your a queer let your kids have trucks when they get old enough let em ride dirtbike and atvs to all you stupid up tight parents make your kids luve boring dull lifes and make this world a boring place I cant stand people like this I got my first dirtbike wheni was only 8 years old and im stilk alive and well now I mud trucks every weekend saying its “irrisponsible” to let your kid get ahold of a “real monster” is about the dumbest thing ive ever heard


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