Top 10 Games that Will keep You Obsessed like the Block Breaker Game

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There’s something very visceral about destruction, there’s a thrill that games often overlook for the sake of gritty looks and realistic approaches to games. Right now, even games from the indie selection take the choice of going for grey scale aesthetics, which is okay at some point, but sort of depressing in others. While there are a few games that try more colorful pallet, they are usually spread out too thinly between the military sims and the and post-apocalyptic indie titles. Of course, there are still some gems you can get that destructive thrill from; you’ll just have to look around for them. So if you really enjoy that mini block breaker game that’s been floating around the Net, well just check out these other titles to tide over your explode-y needs.

10. Bomber Man10. Bomber Man

This game has been around since gaming got big during the early days, and it does the exact thing that the title states. You are a bomber man, trapped in a sequence of levels that get progressively tighter and hard to navigate. The main means by which you can defeat enemies attacking you is to set timed bombs beside them or through trapping them. You can also get your hands on a ton of power-ups that are sure to make explosions even bigger.

9. Boomtown9. Boomtown

Another game that is sure to impress you when it comes to simple controls combined with a unique premise that won’t necessarily impress, but is still sure to keep your attention. In this game, you play a struggling miner who is tasked with clearing out the outskirts of town with a ton of explosives. You do this in search or gold and diamonds, which you can then use to upgrade your operation.

8. Asteroids8.Asteroids

Remember that game from the 80’s that everyone loved to play in arcades? Well, if you don’t, then you’re probably a bit younger than usual, but of course, that should stop you from fighting off the hundreds of asteroids that are presumably trying to crash into the earth. Your little triangle space ship might not be able to do much, but the game play remains pretty good all around.

7. Burrito Bison Revenge7.Burrito Bison Revenge

So you’re a bit tired of all the destruction you just wrought with the previous games, and now you want to destroy something different, something cuter, and definitely something adorable. Well if this is a strangely accurate niche that you want to try, then maybe it’s time to look up Burrito Bison Revenge and what might be the most absurd escape game ever thought up. Fight your way through countless levels of adorable things just to make the epic escape.

6. Effing Worms 26.Effing Worms 2

Okay, so being a rampaging giant bison might not be the thing you’re look for. That’s okay, as the premise never really made any sense to begin with. You know what does make sense when put into the context of a mad rampage through a city of innocents? Giant effing worms taking out subways, streets, and all manner of denizens throughout the city with reckless abandon. In this game, you can evolve your worm into more horrifying variations to make it more effective as a killing machine.

5. Elephant Quest5.Elephant Quest

Oh boy it does not get any weirder than this game does as you get to play a giant rampaging elephant hell bent on getting his fancy bowler cap back. Surprisingly enough, this title also endures as pretty unique, as the landscapes are riddled with NPCs you can interact with, and quests you can take up to aid you in your quest to find that elusive bowler cap. A quick and funny example of the quest you’ll be getting: Oh thank you for finding my Teddy Bear! Here, take this! Then you acquire a laser cannon much larger than the one already attached to you.

4. Toss the Turtle4.Toss the Turtle

While it seems like a lot of these games are aimed at animal cruelty, they really aren’t about that at all. In most of the games on this list, the animals featured are usually revenge driven monsters, like if Bambi went Rambo all of a sudden. The turtle in this game though, isn’t so lucky as you have to subject him to cannons, and launching, and pain. Control this little shelled projectile as it flies across the air all so that you can stuff your pockets with a few extra dollars for each thousand miles you get the thing through.

3. Crush the Castle 23.Crush the Castle 2

A lot of people might openly mention how crush the castle feels a lot like Angry Birds on Angry steroids. That’s true, as castles are your objective here, but your weapons are limited to the ancient catapult and other such upgrades you should expect from a game set in the middle ages. Overall, this game can be an addictive romp through a fictional land of angry lords with too many surplus castles.

2. LuftRauser2.LuftRauser

This title still has the same theme presented today, and that’s the endless and mindless fun that destruction presents. However, this game chooses to shift from normal violence into aerial stuff which features old school planes from the First World War getting into intense dog fights. It controls simply, and it stands up pretty well when compared to other dog fighting titles. You should be sure to check it out, as it is a free flash game.

1. MineCraft1.MineCraft

Okay, you can’t talk about breaking blocks without one mention of the infamous open world construction game that is MC. The title is huge, while only taking up a little of your PCs resources, and still remains strong even after a few years after its release. Not to mention the many different builders that really takes their time in making huge homages to stuff in the real world. Quick, think of the biggest building off the top of your head, then add MineCraft at the end and google it. Chances are, someone made it already.


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