Top 10 Mods and Characters that Will Make You Think about Sexy Dress Up Games

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Games have been designed to emulate almost everything and at the same time, add a little imagination into the mix too. This is why you see so many genres jumping to the extremes when it comes to gameplay, much like how driving games are. So, since games are so widely varied, one should expect that there are more than a few sexy dress up games out there. In fact, one of the biggest games that is currently inhabited by millions of players was modded to include sex. 2nd Life is the name of that game. However, if you don’t want to jump into the raunchy stuff yet, maybe you should think about the sexy characters and the mods out there first.

10. The Dead or Alive Beach Volleyball Mod

10.The Dead or Alive Beach Volleyball Mod

Dead or Alive is not one of those games that people remember for gameplay. Actually, if you look up the countless teasers and trailers the developers keep coming out with, you’ll know what the game is about. These voluptuously designed young women were always aimed at the youthful gamers, and at some point they still are. This is why the mod is impossible to install as you’ll need your old Xbox and you’ll have to modify its hard drive. There are a lot of instructions online, just check them out if you’re interested.

9. Chaos Witch Queelaag

9.Chaos Witch Queelaag

Dark Souls is a game that shouldn’t be considered sexy at all. Between the penalties that are incurred because of the deaths you experience, and the monsters lurking on every corner, it’s impossible to find something sexy in this game. That is, until, you find the Chaos Witch with her top off, ready to take you down. There’s a little surprise waiting for you though, and if you want to find out just how cute this girl is, why not play the game?

8. The Fallout 3 Nude Mod

8.The Fallout 3 Nude Mod

The best thing about the Fallout series is that it has always made a point to make the gameplay well constructed and fun at the same time. Another awesome feature is that Bethesda Softworks also allows you to mod their games to any point you want. The weirdest thing about these features is that a lot of amateur programmers started making full mods just for nudity. In fact, some of them are so well made that when you hit the website containing these mods, you’ll find that those nude mods are pretty highly rated.

7. Alyx Vance

7.Alyx Vance

The nice thing about Alyx Vance is that she is one of the strongest female characters in gaming. She isn’t hyper competent like other super female characters and is instead, very grounded in reality. Alyx is intelligent, strong, but is still grounded in the realm of reality, which make her incredibly sexy. She’s a great example of how female characters should be made, but at the same time she is one of the most appealing gaming characters ever. Of course, Half Life is an old game, so there’s sure to be a ton of mods about her. Have at it if you REALLY want to.

6. Harley Quinn

6.Harley Quinn

If good girls aren’t really aren’t your thing, then there are still a ton of choices out there. So, your taste in women involves an incredible figure, a wardrobe that includes corsets, and murderous, sociopathic tendencies. If those are your exact specifications, then your dream girl might just be Harley Quinn. She’s well renowned for being one of the sexiest villains alive, but at the same time you know she’s going to be doing something violent to you at some point.

5. Saints Row the Third Nude Mod

5.Saints Row the Third Nude Mod

In a game where Dildos are weapons and fantastical stunts are complemented by overt sexual sprinklings, you’d expect that there would be nudity. Of course, there’s a rating system that prevents the developers from putting stuff that is a little too lewd, so instead you’ll have to turn to a mod. The 3D models in this game are great, and well detailed too, so in order to strip everyone of their under things just go online and search for a bit. Of course, turning this on just makes you seem like you’re a nudist with sociopathic tendencies riding a bike through the air as you shoot down innocent civvies.

4. Lady (Devil May Cry)

4.Lady (Devil May Cry)

On the opposite spectrum of gaming, where Harley Quinn is despised, there lies a batch of women who are strong, brave, and act as counter points to their male counterparts. Of course, these ladies are also the most hyper competent fighters ever made and nothing shows that off more than Lady from Devil May Cry. Using a giant rocket launcher with a bayonet attached to the barrel of the thing, Lady becomes the very symbol of super strong female protagonist. If you like being the dependent guy while your girlfriend makes a display of violence, then this girl should turn you on.

3. Bayonetta


She has Automatic Pistols attached to her heels, her hair makes up the most of the cat suit she’s wearing, and her hair also rises taller than a normal human 2 year old. This game was awesome, as the gameplay really threw back to the days when Devil May Cry was the thing. Coming from the same developer, you’d find a lot of the over the top fighting and spectacle bosses right where they should be. However, the lead protagonist is overtly sexualized, but the thing is, it worked with the game. Sure you can’t mod it to have any nude scenes, but it still an awesome game.

2. Tira (Soul Calibur)

2.Tira (Soul Calibur)

Yet another sexy villain wielding a dangerous bladed weapon, Tira is a great character when it comes to technical fighting. However, her under cleavage makes her a top slot earner as you try to imagine just what she does to keep that figure. It could be the countless fights she has to get through, or it could be a secret physical regimen. Who knows? At this point she’s just a fun character.

1. Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Nude Mod

1.Elder Scrolls V Skyrim Nude Mod

Skyrim is huge in terms of land mass and in how famous it is. At the same time, it was created by Bethesda Softworks, which means tons of mods. Head on over to Skyrim Nexus just to see how many special mods they have. You might be surprised at the sheer number of those mods.


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