Top 10 Online TCGs that Will Get Your Mind off of the Uno Game Online

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Card games have a long history to them. They’ve been used to gain riches, take lives, and generally act as a means to keep people entertained. Of course, while the whole hobby has evolved into something more than just the standard deck of cards, it still remains pretty fun to tackle. This is why the Uno game online on Facebook gets so much attention when it comes down to it. The title is amazingly addictive, and there are tons of people who know how to play it anyway. However, there are other games that can really eat up your time, so why not consider getting into online TCGs to mix up the formula a bit.

10. Alteil


Considered one of the best card games online, the art in this game is penned by some of the best artists in Japan. Beyond that, it also has a wonderful gameplay system attached to it, which is a bonus considering just how pretty this title really is. It combines a lot of the elements from the standard trading card game formula into one fun title that is sure to get you hooked. Check it out because it has quite a bit of a following now.

9. Ghost Watch

9.Ghost Watch

Strangely, the best kinds of card games are always found in Asia because a lot of imagination is poured into these titles. Ghost Watch is a turn based card game, which was designed with the social aspect of online gaming emphasized. You see, you can trade with the various players in the game, and beyond that players can set up personal markets and exchange various treasures. The combat decent as well, rewarding each with different treasures and bonuses.

8. Lands & Legends

8.Lands & Legends

This card game takes a bit of a different approach to TCG as it emphasizes story telling and lore over collectables. The main cards you really have to worry about are the Hero card with which you can enhance you army and cities. Beyond, your role is to control your heroes, gain more of them in the long run, and generally be a lord over a kingdom. It’s a bit of a new concept, and technically this game is more akin to a slow turn based strategy game.

7. Urban Rivals

7.Urban Rivals

At some point during your trudge around the infinite internet, you may have seen a few advertisements for a game called Urban Rivals. Amusingly enough, this isn’t one of those auto-fight ninja games, and is instead focused on trading cards and online interactions. A key feature to this game is that it sticks beginner players with those of an equal level, evening out the odds for gamers that have just picked this title up recently. On top of that, it also has a PVP system, which makes the game even more interesting.

6. Warstorm


There isn’t much to say about this title other than it follows a lot of tropes that other card games do. However, with an extra coat of wax, this game shines really brightly. Featuring good combat between players, a decent trading system, and a rewards system that gives out random packs to winners, this title can get a tad addicting if you allow it to. It’s also got some very pretty card art.

5. Ren the Celestial Tournament

5.Ren the Celestial Tournament

Yet another unique entry into the foray of card games, Ren takes a totally different approach to how online card games work. It does this by removing premade cards, and replacing them player designed ones. This really boosts the appeal of the title because the game allows any player to do whatever they want to the cards they made. At the same time, the game also boasts a unique fighting system, where PVP is mostly emphasized. This makes all the difference because this is what card games usually do anyway.

4. Planetstorm


Decks are always integral in playing card games, but instead of allowing you to have a huge deck, Planetstorm goes the way of first person shooter. Using a small base of card, you can create squads, as opposed to huge combo ridden stacks of cards. This laser point focus makes customization even better because you only concentrate on a select few of your soldiers. Of course, while this might not appeal to gamers who like huge decks, it’s still game that’s worth a try.

3. Estiah


If ever you get tired of overly complicated art styles, interfaces, and stats, Estiah is here to give you some reprieve in the form of a simple TCG. The game is turned based, emphasizing smarts over brutal brawn. It does this through the collection of tools and charms. These pieces of gear can then be used to make your monsters stronger. As for the art style, the game chooses a very minimalist approach to the cards. Often, they are just filled with text, and that’s what makes it pretty.

2. Magic Workstation

2.Magic Workstation

Okay, while this game isn’t free, it’s one of the best online card games ever. This is because the Workstation can serve two purposes. The first is the connectivity of players all around the world. You can literally be playing with a gamer across the world, using a customized deck that you’ve designed. The second reason is that you can use this title to test your decks in real life too, meaning you have a feasible trial and error phase before unleashing your design unto the world.

1. Camon Hero

1.Camon Hero

Camon Hero isn’t like the other TCGs on this list because it doesn’t focus solely on card trading. This game is a full 3D action RPG, where you can customize and play your own character. The cards don’t just summon creatures either, as they can be used to enhance the players’ stats and gives them equipment. This little twist on the traditional formulas of both games makes it a fun new title. Be forewarned though, this game is not as forgiving as Urban Rivals because it will pit you with anyone who wants a challenge.


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