Top 10 Racing and Free Drifting Games Online for a More Arcade Experience

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Racing is probably one of the first kinds of games to ever come out onto the PC or on any other console. Barring the First Person game that came out on some of the first PCs, racing has always been a fun and very entrancing genre for gamers. It has spawned countless titles that so many people love to play, not to mention the genres that is has spun out in order to meet every niche possible. From the classic F1 racing sims, highly technical and absurdly detailed games like Gran Tourismo, to the ever present Need For Speed series which provide a more arcade experience. To narrow it down, here are some of the best racing and free drifting games online. As a warning, remember that quality often comes with a price tag, so not all entries are going to be free.

10. Need For Speed Shift 2: Unleashed10Need For Speed Shift 2 Unleashed

The Need For Speed series will probably pop up on this list a couple of times, and there’s a huge reason for that. The series, which has had so many iterations that they’re hard to count, has endeavored into the territory of racing simulators. While this is a huge step for the series, what it does right in this game is offset by a lot of lacking features which stuff like Forza or Gran Tourismo already offers. However, drifting and racing in this game are fairly well designed, while not being as realistic as the older brothers the title has to live up to.

9. Drift Legends9 Drift Legends

As simple as they come, Drift Legends does not boast fancy graphics, nor does it eat up a lot of your computer resources. Instead, what you have here is a barebones and top-down racer which focuses on drifting instead of racing. Of course, for those who are not used to the camera angle, there will be some adjustements that you’ll have to go through. Other than that, this title provides a solid drifitng experience which ranks you according to how many points you gain. As a fun little addition, your score will often multiply faster if you keep your drifting continuous.

8. Billiards Drift8 Billiards Drift

Another unique take on the drifting genre comes from a flash game on the internet by the name of billiards drift. The premise of the game is fairly simple; you have to play pool while drifting a car around a billiard table. The better you do, the more points you are awarded, and much like billiards itself, you’ll have to deal with each ball in proper order. The points you are awarded will eventually aid you in getting much better vehicles which range from the japanese Evos to Rally cars.

7. F1 20117 F1 2011

Racing came from odd roots, and right now, it has some strangely specific branches as well. One of the fastest, and probably the most extreme, is the F1 cup. The cars in these real races often drive into break neck speeds; turns can be vicious and deadly for the driver if executed at the wrong time. This is probably what makes F1 so interesting because it makes for a very good racing simulator using the many licensed vehicles from real life, and often including real drivers as well. The mechanics are simple enough, and it has enough thrills and chills to keep any racing enthusiast entertained for a while.

6. Rapid Machine6 Rapid Machine

Yet another free flash title for those that want to play on a budget, this game boasts quite a bit of drifting, as well as different modes that anyone can sink their teeth into. The first one is racing, as most people would want to race in a game about cars, while the other three are drifting, shooting, and police pursuit respectively. These different game modes help spice up this free title, and will no doubt be a part of the fun distraction.

5. Real Racing 2 HD5 Real Racing 2 HD

Real Racing 2 HD is an iPad game, which sort of makes it a wonder. You see, the title itself is pretty, much like Infinity Blade, it has some stunning visiuals. Considering the amount of tech that is actually suffed into an iPad, that make the looks quite a feat as the racing tracks and environments are all very pretty and well designed. On top of that, there is also the matter of a unique control scheme which allows you to use the gyroscope in the iPad to control driving. Okay, while that might make you look like a bit of a fool, it’s still a pretty great feature which makes the game all the more entertaining.

4. Blur4 Blur

Quite recently, a lot of games have started opting for a realistic feel and approach to them. From shooters to even the racing genre; every developer seems to enjoy the idea of making a title as close to real life as possible. This isn’t fun, and the game ‘Blur’ understands this. So in an effort to mix this up, this game incorporate a lot of elements from different arcade style racing games, and mixes them in with stunning visuals and a great set of game mechanics that feel like they’ve been inspired from Mario Kart.

3. Burnout Paradise3 Burnout Paradise

Ah Burnout. The series which has spawned quite a few sequels with more than very slick looking graphics. This game isn’t about realism, much like the entry before it, this title focuses solely on absurd racing speeds, massive explosions, and a batch of modes that is sure to entertain players for hours on end. This title may focus on the racing, but mix it in with a bunch of breakneck tricks and a pretty awesome soundtrack, and what you get is a title that deserves to be on this list simply because it is fun.

2. Snow Drift Racing2 Snow Drift Racing

You may be wondering why another free browser game is on the top slots of this list. Well, simply put, this game is pretty fun, though it has pretty much the same premise as the other 2 drifting games on this list. However, instead of focusing on placing, or just points, you are also forced to make sure that the car you race isn’t destroyed by the slippery slopes of a snowy track. That makes controling your little vehicle much harder, and is sure to ramp up the challenge.

1. Need for Speed Underground1 Need for Speed Underground

While this title is no doubt aged and old, there’s a reason why it takes the number one slot in both racing and drifting. Boasting a pretty good looking set of tracks for circuit, drifting, and drag racing, this game has a lot in the way of variety. Not to mention the story mode and the ability to enhance your vehicle after racing against countless foes. The prime reason this is a great title for drifting junkies is that it has a fully realized game mode for it, allowing for multipliers to stack on thousands of extra points. It’s also one of the first games to feature full on enhancements for your cars externals and internals.


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