Top 10 Super Cool Games That You Can Play With Family and Friends

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One cannot necessarily deny that there are some instances in life wherein you just want to stay at home and do nothing. When this time comes, you have to have a number of exciting things to do but what if reading a book or watching a movie has suddenly become too cliché for your friends and family? Of course, you need to start searching for other ways to keep yourselves entertained. If you still haven’t tried, here are some super cool games that you might want to look into. All of them are not only fun and entertaining, they also make up for wonderful memories spent with your loved ones.

10. 9 Ball Quick Fire Pool10 9 Ball Quick Fire Pool

If some of your family members or even yourself still cannot enjoy betting games, then this is a great way for you to at least try it. The 9 Ball Quick Fire Pool works pretty much as any other pool game out there but since you will be using your computer to aim your shots, it requires a little bit more precision and more. Also because of this, your family and friends can easily gather around and enjoy this game together because while one is playing, the rest can be there cheering around for them.

9. Anagram Magic9 Anagram Magic

The Anagram Magic is another wholesome game that you can play and enjoy with your friends and family members. The objective of the game is to basically to complete the words using the letters provided in front of your screen. Some of the words are quite difficult to think of top of mind so you might also need the help of your loved ones. Of course, as much as possible, you need to exhaust all the letters you will find below and make use of the letters with a yellow color because those merit a higher score.

8. Bloxorz8 Bloxorz

Bloxorz is another exciting online game you will definitely find cool. This game may appear to be simple at first glance because all you have to do is move the block to its designated area and once completed, you will get promoted to the next level. But just like with all other types of games, the higher your level is, the more difficult it will be to complete the challenges. As a result, you can end up losing every now and then. If you get tired playing the game ask your friends to substitute on your behalf.

7. Snow Line7 Snow Line

If you have children at home or if everyone just loves Santa Claus then this is another exciting and super cool game that you can try. The Snow Line is basically a game wherein you will find Santa Claus riding a sleigh and moving his way on the snow. Along the way he will meet some blockages that will make it impossible for him to get through. What you need to do now is save Santa Claus and make sure that he gets to deliver his gifts on time as well by getting rid of all the said blockages.

6. Stunt Pilot6 Stunt Pilot

Stunt Pilot is another super cool game that everyone you know will enjoy. Although the game can only be played by one person at one time, there’s no need for you to contain the thrill to yourself. What you can do instead is you can easily go from one player to the next while playing this game. The objective is simple. As any pilot would do, you need to make sure that your airplane is working properly no matter what weather condition might come your way. At the end of the day, the most important thing is your survival of course.

5. Boxing5 Boxing

If you wish to not only exercise your mind but also your body, try out this exciting boxing game. You can each take turns in playing this super cool game and all you have to do is punch the enemy until it falls to its knees. This game is absolutely fun and exciting especially if you have been holding on to a lot of negativities in life because you will finally be able to exhaust them without necessarily having to hurt anyone physically.

4. Mahjong Daily4 Mahjong Daily

There’s something about the Mahjong Daily game that makes it an all-time favorite among family and friends. This is because it’s really exciting and requires you to strategize most of the game. As a thinking game, you can enjoy it online without having to download anything and without having to place any bets at all. This way, even if you lose you wouldn’t have to lose any amount of money at all.

3. Obama Alien Defense3 Obama Alien Defense

The Obama Alien Defense is pretty much a spoof and comedy type of game that requires you defend Obama from all the aliens that will come his way. What makes this game truly popular is the fact that everyone knows it can never really happen in real life. And how close do you think you will ever be with Obama? This is perhaps a great opportunity to spend some quality time with him.

2. Hotline Miami2 Hotline Miami

You might also want to play the Hotline Miami game that is available for you online. The objective of this game is you get a weird phone call every now and then that would require you to engage in a number of absurd activities. You have no choice but to complete the task because it is part of your duty and responsibility.

1. Angry Birds1 Angry Birds

Last but not the least, even though the Angry Birds fandom may seem to have passed, the truth is that at the moment, there are still more and more unique versions of it that are being created. Eventually who knows you just might find a gadget that will make it possible for the entire family to engage in the game and reenact roles of each type of bird available in the same game.


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