Top 10 Titles like the Killer Whale Game Which are Sure to Get You Addicted

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We, as a race, have always abused our animal brethren. While that’s a very hippie thing to say, it is true, and a lot of different species have been wiped out in what can be considered in the blink of an eye. This is why sometimes it can be fun, but a little morbid, to imagine what would happen if Bambi went postal instead of becoming a benevolent little forest dweller. Wouldn’t it be nice to see animals take control of the reigns sometimes? Even if it is just for a video game, there are some titles that are highly addictive, and here are the first few titles like the Killer Whale game.

10. Sydney Shark10.Sydney Shark

Sharks float around in the human mind as one of the scariest creatures to ever swim around in our oceans. The only thing that would probably top the fear people feel for sharks would be if whales decided to grow a sharp set of teeth and lose the all krill diet. Sydney Shark is like a flash endless runner game, but instead of collecting points through rings or something like that, you instead attack the many denizens of Sydney Australia, in an attempt to destroy everything between you and your strange objective.

9. New York Shark9.New York Shark

The prequel to Sydney Shark stands as a bit of a testament to how violent flash games can get. In this one, instead of terrorizing the denizens of Sydney, you take out the many New Yorkers that roam the rivers and oceans of New York. The premise basically remains the same, but the title is indeed an awesome one.

8. Robot Dinosaurs that shoot Beams when they roar8.Robot Dinosaurs that shoot Beams when they roar

Ever wonder what would happen if Jurassic Park were real, and if the scientist who cloned them were bored and started adding in laser eyes? Well don’t, because the outcome is both hilarious and horrifying, as proven by this little dinosaur title that features these angry giants stomping across the land as they shoot laser beams out of their eyes. Overall, the game is pretty fun, and it’s nice to see that the internet denizens that worship Raptor Jesus are alive and well.

7. Chuck the Sheep7.Chuck the Sheep

Sometimes revenge isn’t always the best option when it comes to taking vengeance against the humans of the world. Instead, the smarter choice is to leave, retreat so that you can live to fight another day. Chuck the Sheep may seem like another launch game, but the cute art style and premise give the game an adorable flair, along with an addictive set of upgrade options and gameplay that will keep you interested. On the plus side, it’s also sort of cuter than Toss the Turtle, and it’s surely a lot less violent too.

6. Penguinz6.Penguinz

Sometimes, the worst dictators and the most oppressive tyrants are found within the same race. In this game, you play as a penguin on a quest to fight the mighty penguin king and with the help of your arsenal of massive weapons, this job got a lot easier to do. The game is a side scrolling shooter, and however run of the mill it may seem, it gets a lot of the genre right and does justice to other games of the same ilk.

5. Home Sheep Home5.Home Sheep Home

Sheep seem to like the idea of going home in some games. The thing with this game is that instead of being launched like a turtle in a cannon, you are instead tasked with getting three unique sheep safely home. Each of this little wool balls has their own special thing that helps you in each level. Using a combination of the three will allow you to finally guide them safely home so that they won’t be lost in London anymore.

4. Burrito Bison4.Burrito Bison

There’s very little to be said about this surreal game, well, at least when it comes the premise that is. You play as a bison wrestlers, tasked with the impossible challenge of getting out of the infamous Candy Land. To aid you in this task, you have upgrades, missiles, and the many hundreds of little gummy people you can trample to keep your momentum up. Sure, it is a launch game, but it still fun as hell to play, or at least to try out.

3. Elephant Quest3.Elephant Quest

This is another one of those surreal gaming experience that might just be an acid trip. You see, you’re an elephant, and a giant evil sheep has taken your bowler. Understandably miffed, you go on an adventure to reclaim your piece of headware, while you also help the many denizens of this elephant populated world. You also shoot lasers from your back and enhance it with even bigger ones, so go figure. The game is still immensely fun though, so why not look it up sometime?

2. Medieval Shark2.Medieval Shark

Wow this shark gets around a lot doesn’t he? In this title, you are once again the shark of myth that laid waste to Sydney and New York, and now your new job is to save the medieval ages from the giant dragons and evil demons that plague their world. The gameplay remains much the same, but with a pretty aesthetic twist that will freshen up this game experience. Besides, sharks are always fun to play with, and on that was flung this far back in the past must have something going for it right?

1. Burrito Bison Revenge1.Burrito Bison Revenge

After narrowly escaping the clutches of the evil gummy bear population of Candy Land, freedom is once again in the hands of the Bison. However, these bears had one last laugh before they left him leave; they took his wallet. So onward goes the Bison once more to reclaim what is rightfully his, and he does it with little more bells and whistles this time around. You have a ton of new moves you can use to destroy your enemy now, and it’s much easier to take down your gummy foes.


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