Top 10 Zombie Attack Games: Zombie vs. Anything!

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Even as a kid or adult, zombie madness sure should have dawned on you. A zombie or the corpse that was resurrected from the dead always comes up on the worst nightmares list. It is definitely one of the world’s most terrifying creatures. It is also one of men’s greatest fears. That’s why even zombie attack games are not advised for those who have a weak heart. They can give you a kind of chill that could fill you in with dread. For braver souls, we listed the 10 best games about zombie attacks. They can be terrorizing still but they are exciting and thrilling enough, giving you a great high once you let down the shock of your life.

10. Cursed Village10 Cursed Village

This is another defend your base style of game. The mere fact that it is about a “cursed village”, which is obviously translated as a village haunted by corpses, is definitely something to be frightened about.

9. Zombies Took My Daughter9 Zombies Took My Daughter

Anybody taking one’s daughter is a creepy thought. What more if it is a zombie posing to strike? This game is about zombies kidnapping one’s daughter. To keep a parent’s worst nightmare from happening, you need to use all kinds of weapons. The fun starts when you are introduced to different places you must explore and determine where your daughter was kept.

8. More Zombies8 More Zombies

As the title of the game goes, this features a never ending stream zombies who are ready to attack. Your role is to defend your burger stand against the wave of corpses using different weapons for destruction.

7. The House of the Dead: Overkill

7 The House of the Dead Overkill

The mere fact that this game is not advised for children makes you think that gore and creep are both at their highest levels here. Aside from scenes with buckets-full of blood, there are also some scenes with sexual orientation. But more than that, this is one zombie treat that will surely give a young child’s mind a reason for disturbance.

6. The Last Stand 26 The Last Stand 2

This is one of the best casual games in the market. One that’s about zombies at least. In this game, you need to defend your base against zombies. It may be that simple but of course, if chill is in the equation, it makes it even harder, baby.

5. The Breach

5 The Breach

Zombies in space? You bet. That’s the basic rationale behind The Breach. It features zombie attacking not in the human planet but in space. If you like zombie attacks and space-themed games, this is your best bet.

4. Desolation 24 Desolation 2

This zombie game proves yet again that games in this genre are not only about gory scenes all the time. It also gives you time to use your head by thinking up where you can find things and how you can solve puzzles on your way to tracking down the best remedy for a zombie illness that hit the town.

3. Resident Evil 43 Resident Evil 4

The Resident Evil game series has been reigning supreme in the zombie-horror genre. However, its chilling effect on game players worldwide has its peak in this sequel #4. It gives out the feeling of what it’s like to be lost and running in a Spanish countryside with zombies ready to attack you anytime.

2. Left 4 Dead 2

2 Left 4 Dead 2

Left 4 Dead 2 is one of the most chilling zombie games out there. It has a very exciting game play featuring an RPG-style, team-based system. Basically, you and your friends will have to fight your way against hordes of zombies to get to a safe house. Aside from keeping an eye on the attacks and making sure you fight back hard, you also need to ensure you do not stray away from your friends too much because you might be picked off by a creepy attacker along the way.

1. zombiePlants vs. Zombies

1 zombiePlants vs. Zombies

There are a couple of things we consider Plants vs. Zombies is a standout. First, it features terrifying, creepy, frightening zombies alright. They come in all shapes and sizes here. They are also power-packed with different tools that help them defend their corpse against annihilation. Second, there is quite an interesting backstory for the game. In Plants vs. Zombies, it is believed that local vegetation could actually defend you against the risen dead. If you have healthy plants in your yard, you can easily stop zombies from entering your house and eating your brains. Lastly, it is exceptionally challenging. Yes, it is all just about planting and keeping your plants healthy and earning coins and all kinds of power the plants can muster. But it is definitely challenging, too, especially when you get to the part where you need to face the dreaded zamboni, which has the power to crush your plants to pieces. This game combines fun with the challenge and yes, it is all about zombie attack.


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