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Are you an avid gamer who also have a passion in writing? Do you want to gain exposure and be seen as an expert in the gaming niche? Do you have a gaming blog that you’ve been itching to promote?


If so, then Galnix is the best place to share your contents, and gain massive exposure in return.


As a premier game review website, we are in a constant search for the best, entertaining and highly informative blog posts about online games. We regularly publish lists as well as comprehensive reviews of your favorite games, including their cheats, codes and walkthroughs.


No required experience is necessary. We’ll be more than glad to approve your entry as as long as you follow the following requirements:


1. Write about online games.

I repeat:This website is a game review website. To cut the long story short, we’re expecting to receive articles that cater to the needs of our readers who are looking for the next best games to try.

You can either submit a list of games you think are the best or pick a specific game to review. For the latter, don’t forget to include your own unbiased review as well as codes, cheats and walkthroughs of a specific game.


2. No fluff articles, please.

If you’re only submitting articles for SEO purposes, then better look somewhere else. Our editors are looking for quality information that will enlighten readers, not spinned articles that were made for mass distribution. Remember, you’re writing for humans, not search engine spiders.


Why should you write for Galnix?

Guest posting is a mutual thing. Give us a quality blog post and we’ll link back to your website. With massive traffic coming from social media and search engines, Galnix guarantees to give you instant exposure to your target readers.

So what are you waiting for? Submit your article today together with your byline or author bio containing links to your blog or social media accounts.


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